Low Lights
Co-Production mit TREMORA (Litauen)
90min Feature
Autor/Regie: Ignas Miskinis
Stand: 1. Fassung Drehbuch

They take only two litres of petrol in a gas station and drive until it is over. Casual Pickup, casual kiss, casual theft. A game of three strangers, with no rules, no commitment, no responsibility. It is a story of lonely people, united by a quaint ritual – right ride through the city streets. It is a story about a different side existence of a modern man, hidden from the daylight. It is a story about a strange game of grown-up people. The characters project their suppressed wishes, dreams, unexpressed feelings into the space of a night city. As: What you receive from your ordinary life is often not enough. The hope of groping something new and important often leads to slightly wacky, naïve yet sincere deeds.

LOW LIGHTS is an unconventional road movie. A journey through the enclosed space of a night city, which turns into a certain ritual wiping away the boundaries between reality and fantasy.